writing, writing, writing

Hello! My husband and I have talked about starting a blog for the past three years. We usually start talking about all the things we would write about and then spend days discussing potential names. Well, that talk started again this week and today is day three of name discussion. He’s napping so I picked one and went with it.

We are Christians. We belong to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. I am the more Presbyterian of the two of us. My husband came to faith in a Southern Baptist church, so we have love for this denomination as well. The first seminary I attended (before I was married) was a Grace Brethren seminary. While I differ in several theological points I love this denomination and had many wonderful professors who I very much admire and respect. The seminary we attended together is part of the Presbyterian Church of America. Although not a member of this denomination, I also have great love and respect for them, their love of Christ and respect of Scripture. That said, any theological discussion on this blog will hope to be in love and in the search for truth and deeper relationship with Christ and other Christians. I want to be true to Scripture and also respectful to others. I hope we will treat everyone as image bearers of a merciful God (Genesis 1:27) and I hope you will treat us this way as well.

We are parents to two wonderful children and my husband finished seminary last May. I started seminary in 2007 and have yet to finish. Yup 2007! I will not hit the 10 year mark, I will not! Lord willing I will not. Hopefully this blog will help with that. I’m not quite sure how it will help but if you would like to leave an encouraging comment I would appreciate it. 🙂 I love to write and research most things and currently the one thing I don’t want to write on is my thesis. Quite the predicament.

This is also our first year with our very own garden. It is very exciting and our daughter LOVES helping. We are excited and nervous as we carefully watch our little plants grow. This garden is a lot of things. It is the provision of food, a great science experiment for the littles, and a connection to my grandfather. He went to be with Lord in August 2013. I can’t describe the pain of that loss, but this garden is a way to keep my relationship with my grandpa present. I can hear his reactions, his advice, and his laugh as I work to tend to these needy little seedlings. I love my grandpa very much and hope to be like him in many ways. The garden is a way to make it tangible. It’s also a way to keep him in everyday conversation. He feels closer right now and for that I’m thankful. He was a good grandpa. You should be prepared to hear about him. Also be prepared to love him. For me he is everything a grandpa should be.

We also are looking forward to becoming a homeschooling family. This carries monumental apprehension for me. There are so many “What if we can’t? What if we shouldn’t? What if I ruin my children’s futures forever?!” questions floating through my mind it isn’t funny. Though the thought of sending them to any other educational institution carries those same thoughts. If you are thinking of the question “Aren’t you worried you will make them weird?” I will go ahead and assure you that my husband and I are absolute goofy weirdos. In other words I have made my peace with the fact that our children will probably be a little weird no matter where they receive their formal education. 🙂

Hopefully this will be the first of many posts. I hope to share some of our many pictures of our garden. I also hope to share some of our hopes, thoughts, and goofiness! Maybe in doing this the children will not receive so much goofiness and will be less weird in the long run. Probably not…

3 thoughts on “writing, writing, writing

  1. Jim and i had that discussion about turning the kids weird, and subsequently realized they would be no matter what, ha.


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