A zucchini’s journey

There are forks in our garden. It’s not the most attractive part of the garden, but according to this post – www.listotic.com/20-insanely-clever-gardening-tips-and-ideas – it can keep out critters. Keeping out critters is high on our list, so we thought why not? Also the kids really enjoyed jabbing plastic utensils into the dirt. So there are also some plastic knives which may not do anything, but we got carried away.


It rained yesterday. It rained and rained and rained. Now I love days like that. I always found myself delighting in a good gray, wet day. At least I used to. Yesterday I was worried about my garden which for the day looked more like a pond with some teeny islands. Sitting upstairs reading books with my daughter, I heard the downpour begin. It continued all day. A sound that usually relaxed me now made me cringe. One corner even collected a bunch of little pebbles. The very first zucchini plant, the largest plant in our garden UPROOTED!  I moved him to the other side. This does mess with our companion planting of squash, corn, and beans. I guess we’ll see. At the very least we will go into next year knowing not to plant in the lower left corner.


Here is our big guy zucchini in his new home. He looks happy, right?

I don’t know if our sunflowers will be so easily saved. Sunflowers have been rather difficult. We started out with 24 of these seedlings and over the course of 2-3 weeks decreased to about 4. Unfortunate. They were so easy to start. It was GREAT for our three year old. We planted them in an egg carton and in a few days we had wonderful little green plants. She loved it! Much bigger plants than the tomatoes and peppers. They looked so promising.


Here is one of our limas that is doing so well! They aren’t all this pretty, but we now have 23 lima plants poking their heads out of the ground.There are two that look this big, four others that are just behind them in size. The rest are still without leaves. A little more than a week ago we started the three lima seeds we had left in doors and they are much healthier looking. Next year we might start everything in doors first.

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