A Scavenger hunt

This past week was rough. As in our four year old broke her finger rough. It started out with me thinking it was rough because the house was a mess. Thursday afternoon I knew it was rough as we sat awaiting the x-rays of my daughter’s hand. Wednesday was this amazingly fun, wonderful day. It was packed tight with a zoo trip, a train ride, a birthday party, and a church dinner. It was lovely. Thursday was supposed to be lovely too. It was the kid’s first bowling trip, after which we would pick my husband up from work (his last day as a para at a high school). Right before leaving the bowling alley, my daughter’s finger wound up underneath an 11lb ball. Later she told me the light ones were all taken so she went for a purple one. Of course it was too heavy and fell upon her hand.

It was awful. When I saw her face I knew it was bad. I held her and she just asked to go. She wouldn’t even let go of it for me to look at. I kept telling myself “don’t cry, just keep telling her it will feel better.” I could feel my throat tightening up as we waited those long minutes for my husband to walk out of work. She got an icee and calmed down holding the icee. She did NOT want to go to the doctor. Once I had looked at it though I knew it wasn’t good. It was swollen and had already started to bruise. I just kept praying it wasn’t crushed and that her knuckle was okay. When I finally saw the x-ray and it looked like a hand, I was so relieved. The break is minor, and it’s not her dominant hand. There are many things to be thankful for. Man, of all the ways I pictured Thursday going, this was not one of them.

What does this have to do with a scavenger hunt? Nothing. Well except that it was the same week. Weird how many highs and lows a week can contain. I’m so thankful for awesome nurses (especially my mom), who helped make sure a doctor saw those x-rays immediately. I’m also thankful for Wednesday, a fun day with my kids and friends. It was truly a blessing.

This week I was determined to get the kids outside more. Don’t get me wrong my kids love playing outside, it’s just getting them out there that’s the issue. Once we are out, we are out. Well I thought I would make a scavenger hunt that could be used for both the 4 year old and the 2 year old. I tend to always have my camera outside so I thought I would just use pictures of things and make one. Well our son played with it for a few seconds, but our daughter LOVED it. She was all over the yard making little marks and searching. So I thought I would post the one I made. I hope to make some more – one for a road trip would be nice for summer.


Scavenger hunt

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