Un-squashable Hope

Okay this title is ridiculous. I just got a little notice that I started this blog a year ago. A year ago! My first post was writing, writing, writing! One of my reasons was to have a place to enjoy writing, since I am supposed to be finishing my Master’s thesis. Turns out, editing my own writing is not as enjoyable as I would have hoped. So my goal for the next year with this blog is to write regularly. That’s it. Write regularly. How will I measure this? One post a week. Minimum. This will be quite a jump from 12 posts in one year, but I think it’s a realistic goal.

Now this also means that this is my second year gardening! I love it. Last year we planted some things that did not produce anything. SQUASH! We planted zucchini, nothing. We planted pumpkins, nothing (see a possible pumpkin patch). I even took time to move the plants to drier locations when it rained! So this year we planted again (see A zucchini’s journey). There are four zucchini plants that are rather large at the moment. There are several more smaller ones. I also planted, SPAGHETTI SQUASH! I really hope we get some spaghetti squash. It’s in there too. I have a regular bed, a raised bed, and containers. So I put squash in each, in case there is a difference. There are soil differences. We have just regular dirt, Miracle-Gro garden soil, and potting mix. We’ll see what happens.

There is exciting news on the squash front. Today on this 31st day of May, there is a bloom on our zucchini plant!!! A single beautiful bloom. It appears to be a male flower. I’m pretty sure the female flowers have a little bulb at the base which turns into the zucchini. I should probably look this up, but I do remember some things from 4-H gardening.


I planted earlier this year than last. Last year I was hesitant, but this year I decided to be bold! Of course that boldness resulted in a couple lost tomato seedlings, but nothing ventured nothing gained, right? Last year there was a lot of rain. This year it is HOT and DRY. I’m looking forward to what June brings.

One of the best things about gardening is trying new things. There is such excitement in seeing how something grows, what it looks like, if it will even sprout. So this year our new things are: spaghetti squash, zucchini (if it actually grows something), peas, eggplants. We are once again growing lima beans (my favorite), green beans (daughter’s favorite), tomatoes, and bell peppers.

A year after the beginning of this blog, my thesis is not finished. I got back in to editing last week. I am editing chapter 5, my last chapter. I need a conclusion. A strong one. Some days it feels impossible. The kids, the laundry, the cooking all take precedence. BUT I created a schedule. My goal is to spend Monday and Wednesday afternoons editing. By June 15 I hope to send Chapter 5 to my reader. I have a goal,  and it’s doable. One blog post a week, two days of thesis work a week. Much like my garden, the hope to finish my Master’s degree is un-squashable.

Hopefully this will be year there will be squash. If not hopefully our spirits will not be squashed and we will try again next year. 🙂


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