A Critter Scavenger Hunt

My kiddos had so much fun with our little scavenger hunt I thought I’d make another one. This one is focused on “critters” that we see in our neighborhood and yard. I may create a bird one in the near future. I really like having our 4 year old identify different types of birds (ie. Robins, Sparrows, etc.). Our 2 year old is not there yet. He does like checking his boxes off and any excuse to dig in the dirt. I just like to encourage them to notice things around us.

So a big difference between the two kiddos is what they do when they find things. The 2 year old just colors in his circle. The 4 year old will first check it off, but she will also make little marks that she can count. So when she sees a second butterfly she will put another mark. I think it’s more fun to practice counting outdoors.I’d much rather count things that are surrounding us in everyday life than the little counters that cost money.

This is also a good activity to give them in the stroller and take a walk. Sometimes a nice long walk in the afternoon saves me from grumpiness. I make sure we take some books, but I also like to throw in an activity like this. Both my kiddos like to draw and write. So they can do the scavenger hunt with me as we walk or flip it over and draw on the back. I laminate almost everything I give them.

Some things I like to emphasize:

Oberservation. This is a fun activity to just encourage the kids to look around them and see what’s there. Even if you don’t see a dragonfly you can look for one. Ask them questions about their surroundings. QUESTIONS: What is that squirrel doing? Where might he be going? Do you think it’s a mommy squirrel or a daddy squirrel? Do you think it has brothers and sisters? Are the squirrels and chipmunk neighbors? Do they have dinner together? 

Identifying Animal Characteristics. By helping children notice things about the animal they can figure out where to find them. QUESTIONS: What does a dragonfly have? Wings? Where could we look for dragonflies? What other animal on the list may be where dragonflies are? What is the same about a bird and dragonfly? How are they different? 

Identifying Characteristics of God. I love to read Genesis. So for me, any excuse to read it is a good excuse. In Genesis we read about the creation of the world and how God created a place of order and beauty. God made worms to dig the dirt and beautiful butterflies to pollinate our gardens. This activity can be a fun excuse to go over Genesis 1 with the kids or read it to them or just recognizing that the world was created by God. QUESTIONS: Why did God make worms without hands? Does a worm need hands to do his job of moving the dirt around? How did God make rabbits beautiful? What can rabbits do that dragonflies can’t? 

Counting. This is more for the older ones, but they can make little dots when they see something. Later you can say, “how many birds did we see?”

Critter Scavenger Hunt



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