Moments of Joy

The week before last was crazy busy. It was the parent practicum for Classical Conversations (my first to attend!) and Scott’s first week at a summer job. Not to mention VBS is mere weeks away at this point (a committee meeting was within this week as well). Words can not describe the condition of our house. Thankfully we can all function in messiness. This, we feel, is an important skill that should be cultivated early in childhood. 🙂

At the end of this crazy busy week we decided Friday night would consist of pizza in the living room with some Fixer Upper on the television. As we were going to pick up our pizza (the kids love picking up a pizza) we passed an amazing sight in our raised bed. Apparently the storm that came through scared a lima bean straight out of its seed!

Sometimes it feels like I have to try so hard to find the good in a hard week. Other times it jumps right out and surprises you. I love those moments. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s worth it to strive to find goodness even in difficult moments. Sometimes it’s just really nice to stumble upon joy. Yes. I planted the seed. Yes, I watered it. Yes, it still surprised me.

DSCN6195 (2)

Isn’t he fantastic?! I have no idea why he jumped up like that! The day before there was not even a bump in the soil. This is in our raised bed. In the traditional garden plot things are beginning to stir (bean-wise). Behold, a lima bean sprouting!

DSCN6196 (2)

Lima bean = Bliss

Some people don’t like lima beans. I LOVE lima beans.

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