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4 Things I did to grow zucchini


I have adequately documented my zucchini failures of 2015. This year we did successfully grow a zucchini, so I thought it might be helpful to me or anyone else to outline the things I did this year. Last year I wasn’t organized about it. After all I had heard plenty of people say how easy it was to grow zucchini. My grandparents never really grew it because my grandpa didn’t like it. So last year I basically just put a seed in the ground and then another 3 feet away (per package instruction). This year went as follows:

  1. Two zucchini seedlings per little hill or mound of dirt. Last year all my zucchini stems split and I got no zucchini. I put two to a hill to encourage pollination and to hopefully give them strength against the wind.
  2. Watch the main stem. This year I keep an eye on my main stem in the ground and I cover it with dirt if it looks stressed or there’s a big rain.
    Male flower
    Female Flower

    Above is the view of a closed female and male flower.

  3. Pollinate by hand. Yup. I just took a little stick and rubbed the male flower pollen and placed it on the female flower. I mean why chance it?
  4. I staggered planting. So right now I have 4 plants producing blooms. These four I started in doors and then planted in the middle of May. I have four more that I planted a few weeks after that. Then I have four more that I planted at the end of May. I did this to keep harvesting zucchini longer.

I didn’t do anything too complicated, but I definitely paid more attention than I did last year.  All my plants look great. They are planted in the main garden plot without any fertilized soil. About once a week I do sprinkle some epsom salts before watering. I had just heard this was good for plants and it’s a habit I keep.

Our first zucchini! Sauteed in olive oil with orange bell pepper. Added in some terriyaki sauce and served over rice. Yum!!

3 thoughts on “4 Things I did to grow zucchini

  1. Yay! They look great! I have only planted tomatoes, but that’s about as complicated as I get for now. If you sell any at the farmers market in town I’ll buy from you 🙂

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