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Un-squashable Redemption

A zucchini! A zucchini from our garden! I am so happy and so thankful to God for this wonderful guy. Last year I had high hopes for our zucchini plants. I had heard from so many people that they had more zucchini than they could eat. We had none. Not a single squash. This squash has been a year in the making.

How many people have  I told my squash dreams to? Oh ya know, just as many as would listen. Neighbors, library workers, and church members have all heard my sad tale. Well, what an opening to share the gospel do I have??? My squash garden is redeemed! It’s too easy to just throw in there how EVERYTHING will one day be redeemed and how it’s ALREADY started! Need evidence? Come over to my house! The evidence is growing in my garden! Sweet, crunchy, green redemption.

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