Bennie’s tips for spray painting

The first thing I ever spray painted was the body of a model car I put together for 4-H. It was a yellow Corvette.

My grandparent’s house, Bennie at the grill.

Bennie is the man who told me how to do it. Who is Bennie exactly? Well, he’s not blood related, but he’s every bit as close as family. So I guess you could say family friend. He’s the one I ask DIY questions of, the guy my husband calls when problems arise installing the dishwasher, and the guy who helps my mom with any household projects. He’s Bennie. He knows how to do lots of things, including spray paint. I’ve done several projects at this point and have been very satisfied with my results. So I thought I would share Bennie’s method for spray painting.

  1. Pay attention to the temperature. Temperature MATTERS. Humidity MATTERS. If you want it to look nice, do not spray paint outside in 85 degree heat with high humidity.
  2. Prep your item. Clean it well. The cleaner the better. Does it have paint on it? Strip it. The cleaner the item is the better. Take the time to scrub it and let it dry. It does take more time but it will work much better.
  3. Pay attention to your environment. Don’t spray paint outside on a windy day. It will insure that any dust in the air will adhere to your project. If you are in your garage with the door open the wind can blow any dust on the floor up onto your project. Yuck. If you can’t wait until a non-windy day then you can wet down the floor of your garage to insure the dust won’t blow up. visual spray painting technique 1
  4. Spray with an overlap. When you spray your item start spraying before on one side of the item and smoothly move in one motion all the way to the other side, not letting off the nozzle until you pass the item. This will make it more even. If you start and stop spraying on the item itself you will get it thicker in those places than in the middle. You want it even. This will also help prevent dripping.
  5. Heed drying times. Do not put on a second coat immediately after the first. Let it dry. Yes it takes longer. Yes it will look better.

Have other spray painting tips? I’d love to hear them!

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Bennie's tips for spray painting

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