DIY Chalkboard Coffee Table

DSCN6945 (2)I found a can of chalkboard spray paint on clearance for $3! I threw it in the cart. I have never used chalkboard paint, and it just seemed like a fun thing to try. When I got home I looked around at our recent Goodwill purchases to see if there was anything I wanted to use it on. We have bought a 6 drawer dresser ($12) and a magazine rack ($2), but neither seemed ideal for the kids to draw on with chalk. So I thought a coffee table might be fun. Well one day when Scott was driving back and forth to church to work on VBS, he saw a yard sale with some furniture. They had a table with a smooth top marked down to $5. I had been looking for wooden tables, but this seemed like a good risk for the price.

I read the can for the paint and it said it would work on a multitude of surfaces. I was super excited to try it out. PLUS we have been having perfect spray painting weather the past week.

Bennie's tips for spray painting

I have spray painted many things in my life. As a 4-H member I spray painted model cars. I was taught to spray paint by a man named Bennie. He knows what he’s doing when it comes to spray paint. I’ve outlined some of the helpful things he has taught me here: Bennie’s tips for spray painting.

Now as a parent I like to fix up play things for the kids. Here is a picture of P’s kitchen we got her for becoming a big sister. It had been used as an outdoor toy and was a really unattractive green (stolen phrase from Olivia, The Case of the Missing Toy).

I have never spray painted chalkboard paint. So I have been excited to see if it really works as a chalkboard. This will be a great addition to our basement. We had just spent a late night in the basement due to a storm, and it is not currently set up for that. It’s definitely a neglected space. Hopefully that will change with a good scrub and the addition of some furniture.


Here it is! The legs are definitely kind of different looking, but it is really sturdy. Function weighs out form on this project. It is for the unfinished basement.


My prepped table ready for paint. I scrubbed the top, taped the edges and covered the legs and the garage floor. I painted around 8 when the temperature was around 60 degrees.


After two coats of spray paint. I did allow it to dry over 15 minutes between coats.

I love it! Now I do have paint left in this can. So I am open to suggestions! Where would be a good place to use up some chalkboard paint?

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