Kids’ Kitchen Makeover

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About three years ago we were preparing to add our second little one to our family. I had heard read about many people giving a big sibling present to the oldest child when they bring the new baby home from the hospital. Well, it had been a dream of mine for our daughter to have a kitchen, but it just hadn’t been in our budget. We aren’t people who buy new; we shop at Goodwill and consignment sales. And this was the year my grandpa went to be with the Lord, so a lot of our money went to travelling back home.

We acquired this kitchen from a family who was moving. They had it outside so it was really well-loved – aka dirty :). But I was thrilled that we might be able to give our little one a kitchen. Here is how we made it cute AND it has held up 2.5 years. Okay there are a couple spots, but this kitchen gets played with A LOT!

Bennie's tips for spray paintingNow I always spray paint according to Bennie’s spray painting guidelines. I lay those out here: Bennie’s tips for spray painting. He taught me how to spray paint and I’ve had a lot of successful products following his teaching. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

IMG_20131218_002745 - CopyIMG_20131219_193653 - Copy

What I did:

  1. Cleaned it really well. I stuck it in the shower and turned on the water. Then I scrubbed and scrubbed some more. I did this two different days to make sure it was really clean.
  2. Sanded it.
  3. Taped everything I didn’t want to paint.
  4. Primed everything. Let it dry a full 2 days.
  5. Taped and covered everything I didn’t want silver. Painted the silver first. Let dry 24 hours.
  6. Taped and covered everything I didn’t want blue. Painted blue. Let dry 24 hrs. IMG_20140102_173523 - Copy

The above picture is after it was first finished. It’s dark. I used a cell phone camera for the kitchen pictures because I was just sending them to my mom. No plans at the time to document it for a blog. The below picture is two and half years later. It has held up and provided hours upon hours of fun. Used toys can be just as loved AND you can personalize with your child’s favorite color! Just a little encouragement to buy used and preserve.

One important note. This is an American Plastics Toys kitchen. There were some missing pieces, including the phone and faucet. I contacted them to see if I could purchase extra parts and they sent me them for free! How awesome is that?


This is by far one of my favorite projects. Not only do my kids have a kitchen to play with, but it was a cute color that I knew  my daughter liked. Have you made over any used kids toys? I would LOVE to see them.

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kid kitchen makeover

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