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Are we really going to homeschool our children?

The above question is a thought that occasionally enters my head. I graduated from public school. I spent a large part of my childhood in school. Can we really do that in our house? Do we really want to do all of that in our house? The answer is yes. Of course it is yes. The question arises when I look at the dishes or look at the messy floor. Or look at all things I want to accomplish.

This will be our first year with Classical Conversations. I often say this is our first year of homeschooling. It’s really not. We did preschool at home last year, but for whatever reason I discount it in my head. It WAS school. Every bit as legitimate as if I had taken my child and dropped her off for a few hours several times a week. She learned everything that was covered in preschool. I know. I looked at preschool standards. I looked at Kindergarten standards. I looked at developmental abilities of typical 3-5 year olds. Still I feel myself tense up when someone asks where she will go to school. Like homeschool is less than school. It’s not less official. It’s really not. It is different. The past year we taught our daughter to spell and write her name, the alphabet,  counting, and many other things. Not always at home, but always with me. It’s been such an incredible joy to see her learn.


I’m always nervous when talking about our choice to educate at home. I don’t want to be. I want it to roll off my tongue in a matter-of-fact fashion. Just like someone who is unaware that there would be anything strange about it. The stigma that was once attached to home education is definitely changing. More and more  people are choosing to keep their children at home and teach them. Still I’m nervous about it. I’m hoping I can change this in myself. I want to be assertively confident in my decision while affirming alternative decisions.

Is it necessary to homeschool insure your child has a good education? Certainly not. Is it possible to provide a good education to  your own children at your home, I believe it is! I hope that as our children grow we will continue to homeschool, while affirming the education of others. I really believe that more diverse ways of educating all children is better for all ways and better for all children. The more options the better. I don’t want to put us against public school or modern education. We just happen to really like the idea of homeschool. We think we can teach our kids great things and learn alongside them. I don’t believe this is the best option for everyone, but I do believe it’s a good option. For me, it’s my favorite.

I hope that our decision to homeschool also affirms all teachers, those who teach in schools and those who teach at home. I hope that my choice is one that will not hinder my relationships to school teachers. They have a hard and very necessary job. Our society needs their profession, which means we  need them. Even if we do not send our children to them, we need them to invest in the lives of children who are sent to them. On a more practical note we need their ideas. Where would I be without the pinterest boards of teachers? Serving alongside veteran school teachers during VBS is often awe-inspiring. They can accomplish great things in those lesson times. They can lead rowdy group down the hall like no one’s business. We love teachers. Whether they be public school teachers, private school teachers, Montessori school teachers, or homeschool teachers, they are needed.

Yes, we are homeschooling are children. We are their parents and their teachers. It’s our favorite option. We hope that you get to choose your favorite option as well, whichever it is.


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