Differences between our raised and traditional garden beds: what worked well in each

I love trying different things in order to find the best way of doing something. Our taco seasoning is a bit different every time. This is because it has yet to produce perfect results. So every time we have tacos, I tweak it a little here or there in hopes to find the combination that makes me say YES! Perfect!
DSCN5911 (2)In 2016 I wanted to expand our garden in order to have more vegetables. 2015 was my get-your-feet-wet- year. Also my get-your-feet-wet-year-of-blogging. Instead of expanding our garden plot, Scott built me a raised bed. We didn’t have a raised bed and it seemed like a good idea to do something a bit different.


We filled our raised bed with Miracle-Gro garden soil. It was on sale at Lowe’s a month ago for $2 a bag. So we bought 7 or so bags during that sale. Then there was a sale at Home Depot with Sta-Green garden soil. We got a few bags of that too. We chose these because of the price. I wish I could say we read reviews and had multiple reasons, but no. Our garden dreams far exceeded the garden budget.

DSCN6413 (2).JPG
May 30, 2016 Raised Bed: lima beans.

The raised bed had far more seeds germinate than the plot. They also germinated quicker and healthier looking. I planned to replant more limas in the traditional bed simply because I would really like a nice crop of limas. I planted 1.5 seed packs in each bed. This worked out to 2 rows in the raised bed and 1 row in the traditional bed. The row in the traditional bed didn’t work at all. It came up in spurts. So one or two plants. Interestingly the zucchini plants did WONDERFUL in the garden plot. The one zucchini plant I put in the raised bed attracted those squash bugs and I had to take it out. Fairing well in the garden plot was the tomato plant. I had planted several tomato plants in pots and they did not look as healthy compared to the one in the garden plot. May have been a lack of calcium in the soil.

This year I plan to change it up a bit. We are considering putting in a patio where the garden plot is. We have added several whiskey barrel planters to the mix. I plan on putting more crunched up eggshells before I plant the tomato plants. In case it was a lack of calcium, that should help. I’m sad to lose the space where it all began, but having a nice sitting area would be good too. We spend a lot of time outdoors and I like the idea we could do some school work out there as well as play!

I’m also not growing tomato seedlings this year! I did the last two years and had the kids not had back-to-back viruses in February and March I probably would have this year.

Traditionalgarden plot

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