3 Things I learned from my Usborne launch! 

I joined Usborne Books & More –Shana’s Book Nook– recently and decided to try my hand at an online party. I thought I would share the things that I wish I had done better! 

1. Planning. I wish I would have posted initial invites a week ahead of time. I didnt post anything to the event until the day before. I totally missed a great opportunity to share these books and what makes me love them! For example, this time of year I am all about my garden and getting the kids interested in the garden. I could have worked that into my party by showcasing Usborne books about flower and gardening! Allowing me to also share a little bit about our lives.

2. Do Facebook Live or just do better videos. I wanted to make a video of our favorite books. This was so much harder than I thought! How many takes do people usually do to film their vlog?! Are there naturally gifted people that just film once?!   I think my self conscious nature just comes through. I’m fairly shy and don’t love to take pictures of myself. Since having children I’ve tried to be in more pictures.  Just so they have them.

Usborne favorites

3. Network! Tell people that I’m now a consultant.  I also did a bad job at this when I sold Pampered Chef. I think it goes along with the shyness. I really don’t want to bother anyone which holds me back from even talking about it. I do not want to hold on to my catalogs either. I want to be quick to give them away.

In sum, I need to build my confidence and commit to what I’m doing!  I’m going to be praying for guidance and growth in this area. The impact of these areas of weakness definitely extend beyond the boundaries of my Usborne business. 

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