Hello! My name is Shana. I am happily married to my college sweetheart, Scott. We are the proud parents of two wonderful, crazy children. We were born and raised in the Midwest, and still proudly call it home!

My summers growing up were spent outdoors in and around my grandparent’s garden. My grandparent’s are both now with the Lord. My passion to learn more about gardening increases with every day apart from them. My children may not be able to sit outside and shell limas with my grandpa, but they will learn to work the land like he did. I myself have failed at keeping many plants alive, but with each seedling I am improving. My grandparents’ home was filled with wonderful plants, their freezers filled with vegetables. Their hearts full of grace.

Our attempts at growing things surround us – kids, vegetables, our own faith, and the faith of others. We have found that everything worthwhile in life takes grace, time, and cultivation. My life, my garden is definitely not graceful. It is full of grace.

I am finishing my MA in exegetical theology and just joined Usborne Books and More. We love books and Usborne books are fantastic!

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