Usborne Books

Do you LOVE children’s books?

We do! And that’s why I joined Usborne Books and More. I have been putting it off for years. At our old library in St. Louis we had lots of access to these wonderful books, but not so much anymore. I found myself buying them at full price and just wanting more. Then I found out that Usborne does not require sales minimums for their consultants (What?!). So now I can buy them (and earn them) at a discount! Sweet!

I went with the mini-kit. That way I can be more selective about my new books.

Does this mean I will stop my love affair with the library? Or used book sales? Or Scholastic?

Nope. But it does mean that I will prioritize them for several reasons:

  1. The discount! 25% off. But also earn free ones when you host your own party.
  2. The guarantee. If your book gets damaged you can replace it at 50% of the price. Awesome! I can’t tell you how many times we have re-bought books that the kids loved-to-death.

It just means we now have better access to these fantastic books! And they are FANTASTIC! Check them out here: Usborne Books and More